Proformas for a Wide Range of Applications

Start Ups

Startups need to start off on the right foot, identify the strengths & weaknesses and determine if the venture not only worth pursuing, but how, and the resources it will take.


Expanding facilities, new products & target markets... Just like a mini-startup, but will also have impacts on the existing business - good or bad... find out which.

Workout & Turnaround

Distressed businesses need to find a way back to viability, doing business better or different than before. Our Business Planning ToolKits can be vital to finding the new path to success.

Real Estate

Hospitality, apartments, condos, mixed use, triple-net... Proformas for construction, PIP/repositioning/remodel, acquisition through stabilization or terminal event.

Scalable Agriculture - Backyard to Commercial Scale

Designed primarily for small commercial and backyard farmers, but scalable to very large operations. MANY variables - 1,000's of crops, growing times, space required, labor, etc.

Outdoor Hospitality & Campgrounds

Outdoor Hospitality has exploded over the past few years and can offer a wide range of guest accommodations, amenities & activities, paid and free, that need to be individually modeled.

Bars & Restaurants

These businesses can have many "subjective" factors to consider which can be quite difficult to predict. Our proformas provide estimating and tracking capabilities to address these issues.

Totally Custom Proformas

We have built and continually updated a library of calculators that can be combined to produce a Custom Business Planning ToolKit rather than starting from scratch.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Systems

Solar, wind, geothermal, energy efficiency improvements can all be modeled and compared to alternatives to determine their feasibility and then rolled into the combined results.