Our Business Planning ToolKits

...at a lower cost and faster delivery than building from scratch.

We go back to the first days of Excel and have been building these business modeling tools for ourselves and clients since then. Over the years, our models have covered many different uses and become very detailed. The models were always designed to focus on the process of the business, rather than the business having to conform to the process of some 3rd party software package, so we also included process flexibility. These custom solutions have typically been $10,000 & higher, and 2-3 months to complete. From our Library of 100’s of ToolKits, Calculators & Tools, we can deliver even Totally Custom business planning solutions at a fraction of the cost and in a much shorter timeframe. There are many different calculators that can cover different scenarios for these business operations:

ToolKits – 35 examples of our Business Planning ToolKits built from our Calculators & Tools.

Canning & Bottling Operations
Distillery Operations, from mash to bottle
Craft Cocktail Bar
Vineyard Production
Wine Production
Commercial Printing
Dry Cleaners
Yacht Dealer & Brokerage
Beverage Brand Development
Yoga Health & Wellness Cente
Property Management
Restaurant acquisition, construction, expansion, repositioning
Hospitality acquisition, construction, repositioning
Campground/Outdoor Hospitality acquisition, construction, repositioning
Mixed-Use acquisition, construction, repositioning
Retail acquisition, construction, repositioning
Residential Construction w/AirBnB units
Self Storage acquisition, construction, repositioning
Solar Farms w/tax credits, subsidies, equity-flip structures
Wind Farms w/tax credits, subsidies, equity-flip structures
Plasma Gasification; Pe to Ke conversions & economics
Live, Work, Play Community Development Planner
Infrastructure & Utilities Planning & Estimating
Renewable Energy vs “Grid” Energy
Paid-parking Garage, traditional drive-in vs. fully automated
Web Application Development
Shooting Range with multiple training environments
Education & Training Programs
Health Club as a membership club or Hotel amenity
Gold Fabrication from bullion
New Product Development Process
Hair Salon Stylist Independent Contractor (Rent-a-booth)
Retail Store with FF&E buildout
Warehousing & Storage
Break-bulk Sales & Distribution

Calculators & Tools – Don’t see your ToolKit above? We can build you one quickly from our Calculators & Tools. Here's 50 of them and we have several versions of each to suit a wide variety of use-cases and Custom Business Planning ToolKits.

Cost to Benefit Analysis
Payback Periods
Lifecycle economics
Time value of Money
Sources & Uses of Funds
Funding Source allocations & spending schedule
Automated cost distribution
Funding Draws from sequential sources
Scheduling w/stages & lags
Automated Start Dates
ROI, IRR, Debt Yield, Cash on Cash, etc
Btu requirements
HVAC sizing
Amount of space required based on function
Energy Use projections & comparisons
Hospitality Unit Mix, Cost/key, ADR, RevPAR, DCF, NPV
Unit mix schedules with multiple categories & sub-types
Condo/Home sales, pre-sales & interest levels
Cost per Key – CapEx & operating Costs
Free & Paid Guest Activities
Process Steps time tracking
Hourly Labor requirements
Salaried Staff requirements
New jobs created
Automated Loans & Leases
Loan conversions from interest-only to amortized
Lease effective interest rate
Automated Depreciation Schedules
Financial snapshot lookups
Retail/Wholesale Packaging – Time, Labor & Materials
Automated drop-down lists
Complex lookups from Data Tables
Production by % capacity
Production by orders
Product costs, deep detail – Direct, indirect, overhead
Finished Products by Retail/Wholesale packaging
Product orders
Production scheduling by soonest delivery date, requested delivery date and/or subscription orders
Projections by the hour, day, month and year
Owner/Operator labor contributions & compensation
Cash Flow vs Net Profit
Cash Flow shortfalls
Business/Asset valuations
Profit distributions after minimum cash on hand
GP, LP returns, waterfalls & promotes
Snapshot status of Work stages in Progress
Supplies & Materials bracket pricing levels
Direct Sales & Distribution by territory
Low, mid, high sales pricing
Highest & Best Use