Business Planning ToolKits - Currently In Use

Nature's Plan Organics

Combines our Sustainable Scalable Agriculture ToolKits into a 5-part business model: 1)A Commercial greenhouse to produce crops sold in the local area. 2) Teaching & Education facilities to teach how to grow from “Backyard-size” to commercial-scale in their local area. 3) Turnkey ToolKits for students to size & run their Greenhouses. 4) Subsidies, Grants & Funding sources. 5) Automation, Robotics, AI. Currently being used to size & run feasibility on 3 locations.

Hemp Farming & CBD production

The Hemp market is in its early stages and subject to frequent and sometimes dramatic, changes in the market. With that volatility, quick, detailed and easy-to-use methods to determine the feasibility of A) Growing Hemp and B) On-site processing of CBD extracts.

Reposition or Sell a Restaurant & Bar in Temecula, CA

The decision was to sell.

Design & Size a Shooting Range Concept

An active competition-shooter saw a lack of certain types of training environments that were suited to very popular and well-attended shooting competitions. Could it pencil? It required modeling and sizing 9 different training environments, access controls, staffing levels, membership matrix, etc. to determine the overall feasibility. It pencils! Currently looking for the first location.

Filomena Family Farms in Temecula, CA

A small-scale commercial Greenhouse and outdoor farm to serve the local market. Running models to compare the feasibility of certain “exotic” crop varieties to determine the highest and best use of the land available.

Destination Campground in southern Virginia

Acquisition of 400+ acre summer camp for kids to be repositioned as a Destination Campground with Cabins & RV spaces, numerous on-site guest activities (free & paid), Food Service, Market, Greenhouse Farming and Hemp production. With so many possibilities, the final configuration of the business model needed to be set in order the proceed to the Purchase Agreement, Funding & Closing.

EcoVillage, El Salvadore

47-acre Eco Resort in stages including Home sales & Guest Resort operations to model & design the components of the Resort. The design will determine the Marketing materials for Homeowners and Guests to develop advance interest & pre-sales.

Senior Living Center, Age in place, SW Florida

“Standard” ground-up construction and rental projections that also models different tenants amenities to determine the cost-to-benefit analysis related to those individual amenities and their impact on Occupancy Rates..

$16 million Refinance of Office Building

Nearly stabilized, the Owner wanted to refinance as soon as possible. By modeling current and projecting operations in detail, a top-tier Wall Street Fund closed the Loan at 2% LESS than term sheets from lower-tiered lenders – saving $320,000 a year in interest.

Apartments Acquisition London, England

We take a holistic approach to consulting, focusing on every aspect of a business’s operations to identify areas for improvement and growth. We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

$4 million Campground Improvement

With the Outdoor Hospitality market surging during COVID, the Owner wanted to capture more of that market by repositioning a “traditional” campground to an upscale Glamping Resort. Many possible improvements needed to be modeled to determine the highest & best uses, make decisions and begin the improvements.

New Product Development

An individual had an idea for a new product, but didn’t know how to proceed. The model captured all the steps with the associated costs, time, 3rd parties, etc to develop “the path”. The results were that although there would likely be sufficient demand, the development costs prevented it from being worthwhile.