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Custom Business Planning ToolKits to determine Feasibility, Plan, Launch & Grow Your Business

Cutting-edge Business Proformas & Business Planning Tools, meticulously crafted over years to suit detailed business projections are quickly combined to provide a Custom Business Planning ToolKit. No more rigid software limitations—customize projections effortlessly to reflect YOUR operations.

Our Products & Services

Business Planning ToolKits

Within our library of 100’s of business planning tools lies a sophisticated suite of proformas and calculators meticulously crafted for dynamic business modeling. These ToolKits, born from years of development, offer a level of customization unparalleled in the industry. Unlike off-the-shelf software, our proformas adapt to the uniqueness of your business operations, providing granular insights into financial, labor, time, and material projections. From rapid feasibility assessments for stakeholder decision-making to serving as the backbone for comprehensive business plans, our proformas are versatile, efficient, and tailored to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape. Fast & affordable, even for very small businesses.

Business Advisory Services

Navigating the complexities of business requires more than just tools—it demands strategic insights. Our advisory services offer a spectrum of expertise, ranging from in-depth proforma training, modeling various scenarios, to comprehensive business model development. Delving into the intricacies of sizing operations and process management, we identify optimal operational thresholds and their interdependencies, ensuring “right-sized” business components. Our C-level advisory services provided temporarily or fractionally can bridge management gaps as needed with seasoned professionals in CFO, COO, and CMO roles, particularly crucial in the nascent stages of a business.

Capital Raising Advisory Services

In the realm of capitalization, efficiency is paramount. Our services extend to the intricate world of capital structures, facilitating the modeling of diverse capital sources such as debt, equity, tax credits, grants, and more. We tailor the Capital Stack, dissecting loan terms, investor returns, exit strategies, and valuations to engineer an efficient financial structure. For the discerning entrepreneur, our advisory services act as a compass, pinpointing sources of capital—from institutional and private to public funding—culminating in a carefully crafted Funding Request Package tailored for submission to specific debt, equity, or public funding sources.

Too busy, or not inclined to do it yourself?

We understand that “running all the numbers” is not the favorite task of the business owner. Some avoid it like the plague. We can fill that gap temporarily or fractionally with our Advisory Services & Coaching until you’re up & running and then we’ll help you hire & train our replacement.

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